How Does The Florida Public Insurance Adjuster Process Work?

//How Does The Florida Public Insurance Adjuster Process Work?

If you have suffered residential or commercial damage and want to file a claim with your insurance company but don’t know where to begin, you are not alone. Insurance policies are full of confusing language that makes it hard to understand exactly what you are entitled to, which is exactly what the professionals at Champion Public Adjusters in Fort Lauderdale do for our clients through the State of Florida

Our Broward County public adjusters use a five-step process to maximize our clients’ residential and commercial claims, so they can focus on their personal and professional lives — instead of the time-consuming process that is filing, following up on, and negotiating an insurance claim.

What Is The Five-Step Public Adjuster Process?

Our Florida public insurance adjusters make the recovery process easy, as we identify the policyholders’ overall coverage, creating a unique strategy for their complete financial and rebuilding goals.

Our process is personalized and designed for individual success, as we know that your losses are different than anyone else’s, and we want to pursue the best financial settlement available for your unique needs.

Our five-step insurance policy adjuster process includes:

  • Step One: Discovering your needs, and understanding your circumstances
  • Step Two: Investigating your insurance policy and overall damages
  • Step Three: Documenting your complete insurance claim
  • Step Four: Finalizing the details of the claim internally, and with you
  • Step Five: Negotiating your claim, and pursuing the proper settlement

Step One: Discovering Your Needs & Understanding Your Circumstances

To determine exactly what you need, our Florida policy adjuster will meet with you directly. The more information you can provide, the better we can answer your questions and concerns.

Next, we will set a time that works for you to undergo a detailed review of your insurance policy and a physical inspection of the property damage that occurred.

Step Two: Investigating Your Insurance Coverage & Overall Damages

Our clients need to understand that their insurance policies are contracts, and while we do not provide legal advice, per se, we are fully licensed public adjusters who maintain impeccable continuing education statuses to ensure we are applying the applicable coverage details for each claim we file. This means leaving no detail to chance when we review your insurance policy as we outline your overall coverage, limits, exclusions, and other forms that may apply to your particular losses.

We will survey the damage your residential or commercial property has suffered, and move forward with step three of the process: Documenting your claim.

Step Three: Documenting Your Complete Insurance Claim

Located within your Florida insurance policy is a provision that lists “Your Duties After A Loss.”

This is the insurance company’s way of making you spend your valuable time to meet their confusing claim-filing requirements. Unfortunately, it is also a loophole that allows them to delay or deny your payment if you do not follow their requirements to the letter.

At Champion Public Adjusters, our insurance claims specialists will create an exact profile of your property to reflect its true value while conforming to your insurance policy language, limiting their ability to state that the claim is lacking or incomplete.

We will outline each aspect of your financial recovery needs, pursuing the best outcome available for your unique claim.

Step Four: Finalizing The Details of The Claim Internally & With You

Officially known as the “Presentation of the Claim,” your policy adjuster will present the fully prepared extent of your losses for staff review to confirm that each policy provision is applied accurately, maximizing your insurance claim.

We will thoroughly review the documents with you, ensuring the accuracy and your approval of our prepared claim, before submitting it to the insurance company.

Step Five: Negotiating Your Claim & Pursuing The Proper Settlement

Negotiating a proper settlement for your insurance claim is what our public adjusters do best.

Keep in mind, our public adjusters partner with our clients to pursue the best outcome available from their insurance coverage. We do not have a relationship with the insurance company. We only represent your best interests — not theirs.

Once the claim has been submitted, our Florida policy adjusters maintain constant contact with the insurance company to expedite the processing segment of your claim to speed up the negotiation and payment activity.

When the insurance company is ready to negotiate, we will provide the documentation and evidence necessary to justify the value and legitimacy of each of your claim’s components, when necessary. During these negotiations, we will keep you updated on the status of your claim, and our next steps, providing confidence in our recovery with each movement.

More importantly: We will never settle a claim without your approval.

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