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Lightning Damage Claims

As many Florida Residents know, strong, powerful storms often rip through our counties. They bring strong winds, torrential downpours and most importantly, fierce lightning bolts. Lightning is caused by a discharge of electrical energy between thunderclouds and the Earth’s surface. Lightning can be extremely dangerous to property owners themselves and their homes.

If a lightning strike hits your home, it can cause serious damage. If your home or business was struck by lightning, it is important to check for these damages…

  • Fire Damage
  • Structural Damage to Roof, Chimney, Foundation or Windows
  • Surge Damage to Electronics
  • Surge Damage to Electrical Systems
  • Surge Damage to Large Appliances
  • Shock Wave Damage

If any of the following damages have occurred, it is important to go over your insurance policy and to make sure that you are covered. Often times, many homeowners do not pay much attention to whether or not lightning damage is included in their policy. That is how we can help. Our team of qualified Public Adjusters will help you to review your policy, report all damages, file a claim, and get you all the money you deserve.

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