Why Do I Need A Public Adjuster In Florida?

//Why Do I Need A Public Adjuster In Florida?

Filing an insurance claim in Florida can suddenly become a full-time job. Insurance companies purposefully make the process difficult and time consuming, hoping that the policyholder’s frustration will lead to a compromised agreement.

Simply put, they want you to give up, so they can pay a lesser settlement.

Our Broward County public adjusters fight for our clients because we know they should get the return they deserve on the insurance investment that is promised in their policies — not complicated filing processes, reduced settlements, or delayed payments.

At Champion Public Adjusters our Fort Lauderdale public adjusters provide more than the peace of mind policyholders deserve when filing an insurance claim in Florida, but the confidence they need to realize results.

What Is A Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters are professional insurance claims handlers who promote the best interests of the policyholder when negotiating their insurance claim with the insurance carrier.

At Champion Public Adjusters, our dedicated and licensed staff works directly for you not the insurance company and represent your rights throughout the insurance claim process, including:

  • Providing insurance policy interpretation to determine covered and uncovered items
  • Appraising your total losses by preparing a detailed scope and cost estimates of your damages
  • Advising, managing, and submitting the claim directly to the insurance company, complete and on-time to fast-track the recovery process
  • Minimizing the amount of time you spend communicating with the insurance company
  • Negotiating the final and fair settlement for your insurance claim without delay

Our technical experience and ability to interpret sometimes unclear language within the insurance policy itself allows property owners to receive the maximum amount of recovery for their unique claims.

Why Should I Partner With A Public Adjuster In Florida?

Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to review your claim; someone who works directly for your coverage provider, so their interests lie squarely behind what’s best for their employer.

Public adjusters work for you, not the insurance company, which means their only focus is to outline the full range of damage your residential or commercial property has suffered.

Our public insurance adjusters are experts in the details and language of insurance policies, as well as filing and adjusting claims. Our prior experience in construction and other related fields allows us to employ sophisticated software to aid in our independent evaluation of each client’s property loss, so we are negotiating with strong evidence that produces results.

Public adjusters are better equipped to determine the costs incurred from property losses, as we know exactly how to log, estimate, and submit initial and supplemental claims, removing the confusion and delays that often occur when policyholders take the process on themselves.

The process of evaluating, completing. and submitting a claim is exhausting, and the insurance companies count on most claims arriving with inaccurate information, so they can diminish, delay, and even deny the claim outright.

At Champion Public Adjusters, we remove the headache, the frustration, and the worry from each case we handle, so our clients can move forward with their lives while we negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf.

What Types of Insurance Claims Do Florida Public Adjusters Represent?

At Champion Public Adjusters, our leading public adjusters partner with residents throughout the State of Florida when they suffer damage to their homes or businesses.

With proven recovery methods at our disposal, we provide our clients with confidence, so they can focus on getting their residential or commercial property back to its previous condition — no matter the type of damage they endured.

Our Florida public adjusters handle property damage insurance claims from:

How Can Champion Public Adjusters Help Get Results For My Florida Insurance Claim?

At Champion Public Adjusters, our specialists provide free Florida insurance claims analysis that allows policyholders to determine the severity of their damage, and exactly what they should expect from filing a claim. We remove the guesswork and provide concrete financial expectations that will be heavily negotiated directly by our public adjusters.

What’s more, is if we do not recover on your behalf, you do not pay our fee.

Contact our Florida public insurance adjusters today at (786) 280-6901 or request a free claim analysis online. You do not have to face the insurance company alone. Let us take the lead in producing recovery results for your residential or commercial property damage.